20+ Tips You Need To Know If You’re Visiting Italy

venice italyMy friends often assign me to make checklist before traveling to any places. Now, I consider each of you my friend as I’m going to share with you tips that are helpful for you when you visit Italy.

  1. Make sure to visit Florence, Rome and Venice. You don’t want to miss amazing arts and historical places, right? So, make sure to visit these places.
  2. However, spend some time visiting small towns. Tip: real Italy is found in small towns.
  3. Giving tip is not required. Be mindful if you decide to tip as in particular, tipping is offensive. It’s like buying a person for couple of bucks.
  4. Pick pocketing is still in issue especially in metropolitan areas in Italy.
  5. Watch street billboards. There are mostly wonderful events wherein people gather together to eat and celebrate; usually, the foods are served with a theme. How cool is that?
  6. Dates are always shown day-month-year. Remember, always.
  7. Times in Italy are indicated in a 24-hour format.
  8. Push to enter, pull to get out. Take note of this, too.
  9. Rail stations and airport have public restrooms. There are few attendants who are expecting for a tip and you are actually expected to leave few coins.
  10. In Italian public restrooms, tissue is rare! You need to bring your own tissue same as what Italian women do.
  11. In visiting churches and holy places, you need to observe proper dress code.
  12. Credit cards are not all the time accepted so bring cash with you no matter what.
  13. When you use an Italian phone, you do not need to worry as all incoming calls are absolutely free of charge.
  14. When walking in a store, there would be an assistant who will do every task for you, sometimes you are not allowed to touch it unless you want to try it.
  15. The rudeness of Italian shop assistants are legendary. If you’re not size “0” (zero), do not take it personally if they tell you you’re overweight.
  16. Store exchanges in Italy do not exist so better be mindful on what you buy.
  17. Buy shoes in Italy. Yes. Leather in Italy are very good and it could last for years.
  18. Banks are open only in morning and open one hour only in the afternoon. So, you know what to do.
  19. Old ladies will yell at you if you don’t wear gloves to pick up food in produce section at shops.
  20. You will need to bag your own groceries and pay for it, too.
  21. Almost all of Italian hotels will include breakfast in your room price.
  22. Italians do not have the habit of putting ice into their drinks. So, do not wonder why they look at you when you ask for ice.
  23. They do not have food-to-go unless you’re in a pizza place.
  24. Never ever leave your bread upside down on the table. This is considered as a bad luck.
  25. There are actually over 100 pasta type in Italy. Each place has its own version so try as many as possible, okay?

These are just general tips for you. Hope, I did give you tips when you travel Italy. Hope to see you soon in my favorite country!

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