Crazy for Italy: Deruta Gift guides for your favorite Italophile

italian giftsDo you have an Italophile in your life? Well, most of us do. It may be your family, a friend or maybe it’s yourself. That person may be someone who is planning a trip to Italy this coming year, someone who embraces his Italian heritage or just someone who appreciates Italian culture so much she expresses it all year long. Christmas season might be months away, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t remember your favorite Italophile by giving him/her a thoughtful present directly from Deruta, Italy. How about that? Regardless of who that person is, I think it makes sense to give you a nice selection of gifts perfect for just about every Italophile you now. Here I will discuss key gift items that the Italophile in your life would be happy to receive. Additionally, you can get ideas here for your upcoming holiday wish list.

Best gifts from Italy with Love

Here I categorized the gift items according to their uses, so scroll down to your heart’s content.




  1.       Italian Coffee- Italians are huge coffee drinkers, so why not try giving coffee as a gift? It is one of the favorite drinks in Italy which they drink not only for breakfast, but all throughout the day. Illycaffè is one of the well-known coffee brands in Italy.
  2.       Deruta Coffee Mug – Now that you have coffee, have a mug that will match the Italian vibe you want to achieve. Choose an authentic Deruta mug delicately hand painted from Italy. You can also use these colorful coffee mugs as a décor for your home.
  3.       Biscotti Jars – Inspired by classic Italian details, these biscotti jars can hold various types of your favorite cookies or biscuits. You can place these jars in the countertop, with a material of either clear glass or ceramic.
  4.       Ceramic utensils – Have your favorite Italophile eat their pasta with these ceramic utensils hand painted in Deruta.
  5.       Artistic utensil holders – Painstakingly hand painted by Italian artisans, these utensil holders are both beautiful and functional. The hard-work placed in making these utensil holders can equate to the value of your appreciation for the Italophile in your mind.
  6.       Italian ceramic roosters – I personally like this handcrafted ceramic rooster made painted by skilled Italian artists. This authentic Italian ceramic decor sits proudly in every kitchen countertop . It also adds a dramatic effect in the room, and can also serves as a conversational piece.
  7.       Italian wine – Of course, a nice bottle of vino rosso or Italian wine is never an undesirable gift at holiday parties, particularly to someone who fully understands what the Italians have done with the grape throughout the years. You can choose from several varietals, and you can spend as much as $90 depending on the brand. I suggest that you visit your friendly wine merchant at your local market to find the best deal of your choice. Just make sure to do your own research before taking their word as gospel, at the same time ask if they have upcoming wine tastings where you can sample before purchasing one.  
  8.       Perugina Baci Chocolates – Perugia in Italy holds the biggest chocolate festivals in Europe known as “Eurochocolate” annually. It is also the birthplace of Perugina, the big chocolate maker. For a taste of Italy, why not try a box of Perugina Baci Chocolates? This is a great choice because of the decadent taste, because inside each one of these chocolates is a single hazelnut, making you feel like you are in Italy. Its name was derived from “baci” which means “kisses,” making it somewhat the Italian version of the Hershey’s kiss. Of course, the only difference is it’s way better.
  9.       Gelato Maker – Perfect for the hot summer days  or a simple swim at the beach, this gelato maker is a portable machine you can give to your Italophile friend. No need to buy expensive artisan gelato from the stores because they can make it at home in as easy as 1-2-3! This gelato maker is dummy-proof, so everyone can enjoy making cold treats using their own fresh ingredients.
  10.   Nutella – You always see this heaven in a jar in grocery aisles, but who knew you can actually give this as a gift? Any Italophile will surely appreciate this gift because of its rich chocolate taste, and will remind them how sweet your love is for them.

Office supplies & Home décor


  1.       Ceramic pens – For the Italophile, an Italian ceramic pen is a must-have. What better way to write Italian phrases by using these luxury pens, right?
  2.       Deruta photo frame – Looking for the best frame to put your photos from your last visit to Italy? You’d love to give this photo frame so much that you’ll end up keeping it! Intricate details of grapevines, Latin script or Italian sceneries envelop this one-of-a kind frame that will surely stand out in every room.
  3.        Italian utensil holder – functional and stylish, this holder serves as a great accent to your kitchen countertop. You can use this lovely Italian utensil holder for your favorite kitchen tools, without the hassle of pulling out drawers time and again. This certainly is a treat for organizing junkies!  You can easily find the right tool while you’re cooking your favorite Italian dishes with the help of this holder. Other than beautifying your kitchen, it also doubles as a wine bottle orbreadsticks holder.
  1.       Moleskine City Notebook – Planning a trip to Itay? A Moleskine city notebook is your friend when you want to scribble your plans for the whole trip. If you will give it as a present, choose a Moleskine city notebook featuring your friend’s favorite Italian city to make your gift truly awesome! Famous cities include Venice, Florence, Rome and Milan.



  1.       An Irreverent Curiosity: In Search of the Church’s Strangest Relic in Italy’s Oddest Town – Now this is a uniquely woven story you don’t want to miss. With the Italian and Catholic history involved, this David Farley tale is about a “strange relic” which is the holy foreskin of Jesus. I won’t give away too many details, so you really have to read it to find out.
  2.       Italy From Above – Renting a helicopter to look at the Italian countryside from up high might not be for all of us, but this book gives you a bird’s eye view of Italy while sitting at the comfort of your own home. Italy From Above shows us what we’ve been missing, so while buying one for your beloved Italophile, why not buy another copy for yourself, right? You won’t regret it.  
  3.       Sprezzatura – Anyone with Italian heritage will be proud if they see Sprezzatura, also known as “50 Ways Italian Genius Shaped the World.” This book is a reminder why Italy is just a fabulous and lovely country to experience. It covers both things a lot of people know about Italian culture, plus awesome information you’ll only read in this book.
  4.       In Etna’s Shadow: Culinary Adventures from Eastern Sicily – Armchair travelers will have a field day reading this book.  It is a heartfelt book by WhyGo Italy contributor Karen Landes as an ode to Sicilian cuisine, making it a great present for foodies and Italophiles as well.
  5.       The Miracle of Castel di Sangro – If your Italophile is also a sports fanatic, The Miracle of Castel di Sangro by Joe McGinniss should definitely be at the top of the gift idea list. It is a tale of a little Italian soccer team who dreamed big and succeeded, while adding in elements of insight, humor, and great affection. Based on a true story, you don’t have to be a sports fan to enjoy this heartwarming story.
  6.       The Dark Heart of Italy – If the Italophile in your life read “Under the Tuscan Sun” with one eyebrow raised, thinking Italy can’t possibly be that dreamy all the time, then The Dark Heart of Italy by Tobias Jones should be next on their reading list. It’s a healthy dose of Italian history and politics mixed in with soccer, food, religion and everyday life, and it paints a pretty accurate portrait of Italy today. This is also an important read for someone who is planning to move to Italian soil for good. Take note that the book was written by someone who truly adores Italy, despite the gloomy title. Italophile or not, this is actually a fitting gift for book-lovers who likes a broad spectrum of genres.
  7.       The Europe Book – Despire not being about Italy entirely, The Europe book gests an honorable mention for this list. This gorgeous coffee table book could inspire greater travels not even an Italian travel book can achieve. The folks at Lonely Planet came up with this amazing book, showcasing other continents in a series of books giving you ideas for your future travel itinerary.

Finding a present for your beloved Italophile has never been this easy! With all these suggestions I provided, I’m sure you can pick one that best fits your loved one. Any fabulous and Italy-rific gift idea I don’t have listed here? Let me know. Good luck!

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