How Italian ceramics canister can amazingly add beauty in your house

handmade italian canistersIf you are interested in Italian products like Italian ceramics canister, then this article can help you in getting some ideas on how to add some art or beauty in your kitchen and living room.

As we, all know Italian ceramics is very popular in many countries, used as a decorative item for enhancing the beauty of the house. This is because of some unique beauty of Italian ceramics. Constructed with extreme delicateness and professionalism, an object that cannot be easily remade. Indeed, it is really a work of art. In some countries, many people duplicated the Italian made product, but no one succeeded on their attempt of replicating the product. As only Italian crafter, know the secrets beyond the true beauty of constructing Italian ceramics. There are many secrets in crafting such a beauty, it goes way back on ancient Italian times, as crafting this product is not easy it needs years of experience and practice to perfectly master it. In addition, it needs some unique imagination to build some art and improve its beauty.

There are three techniques that are involved in making Italian majolica three are listed below:

The Lustre Technique

It is a sophisticated technique in decorating majolica. It is designed with the application of silver, copper and some other substances.

Italian ceramicsThe original recipe of this technique was lost and is the said product cannot be replicated now. Many people tried to make some majolica using some at the same technique, but no one accomplished.

The Spolvero Technique

This technique is used in some ceramics painters to draw some complicated patterns. Spolvero also means as dusting. In fact, the process of designing is dusting that uses a powdered charcoal. It is a very complicated technique it needs delicateness as a simple mistake can ruin the design of your product.

The Istoriato Ware

It is a technique where it produces a story like a design in its final form. It is widely admired in the country. There are many themes that you can find in this kind of majolica, from love, music, tragedy and many more. It is indeed an embodiment of ceramic beauty.

In the first part of this article, I would like to discuss with you some brief history of Italian products, from where it begins, who invented it and etc.

It was around 6500 B.C when this beautiful product made its appearance in our society today. It is composed of three elements earth, water, and fire and is made with the hands of a genius artisan. The art of making ceramics begun when some Ancient Greek potters made some thriving activity at the coast of south Italy.

   This activity started by the local Etruscan and some italic potter’s, it gives rise to rich productive and creative idea. It is between the middle age at the artistically fertile age, that the art of making ceramics flourished, it then transformed the works of the most talented Italian ceramics artists to the art that is present today.

In the second part of our discussion, I would like to discuss our natural house, without some decorative art on it.

Our house is one of the most important things of our life. It is our home where we grow up, a place to rest, a place to dine and it was the beginning of our happy memories. That is why our house is one of the treasures life can offer. Taking care of it is one of the top priorities that we must do. A house without some decoration is lifeless, for example, take out that furniture and curtains, let’s see if your house will still look beautiful. That is why it is very important to decorate it to add some brightness and life into it. Even if you have a beautiful house let us say on the outer part of it, the outside will not cover much if the insides are dirty.

Italian ceramicsFrom my own experience, a friend of mine has a big and wonderful house. I was impressed at first glance, it was well designed. Before entering the house, I told myself that someday, I would buy a house like this. At that time, when I’ve gone inside I was disappointed, it was so plain nothing like the outer part of it and a terrifying part is that it is so dirty. I was shocked! As our house, represent our inner self of how we behave at home and what is the definition of our personality. After that, an Idea comes to my mind, that no matter how beautiful it is on the outside, but the insides are being ignored, it is not beautiful at all. It is just like a relationship, no matter how beautiful your partner is if his/her personality is a mess, then you will not be at peace at all. You will always fight every now and then. My point is if the outer part of your house is beautiful, the inner part must also be more attractive than the outer one. Do you know why? Because the inner part of our house is, where we rest and eat with our family. That is why it needs to be bright.

There are many ways in adding some beauty in your house, like adding some paintings, as paintings is a work of art, it is the personality or the feelings of whoever painted it. That is why it can add some sweet mysterious elegance on your house.

Italian ceramics is also a good choice in designing your house, as Italian vase has a deep mysterious design that emits some ancient aura out of it. It has a well-crafted art that is very beautiful and somewhat interesting on the viewer’s eyes. It makes you wonder on how they build it. How did they design it? In addition, the most important question is that, what’s the meaning of its complicated designs?

In the second part of our discussion, I would like to discuss some Italian work of art that can be a material in your kitchen. When using some materials in your kitchen, silver made products, plastic topper ware is not the only thing that can be used. In terms of beauty, as plastic and silverware products can lessen the effects of brightness in your kitchen as they are so plain and they lack some certain designs. There are some Italian canisters than can be used as not only for designing but also on preserving some food. It is like hitting two birds with one stone. But personally, it is not advisable to use some Italian made products in preserving some food, as washing it can be risky as It may break while you wash it. That is why it is only for designing purposes only; you can put it on some extra space in your kitchen to add some spice of elegance in it, or in your living room, to make it more beautiful.

In terms of dining, there are many alternatives besides using utensils as a material. Italian Ceramics plates can also be used in dining. Italian plates are commonly used in some traditional restaurant to express the tradition of one’s group or tribe into it.

Italian ceramicsIt has a natural elegance that can add up to the beauty of your dining table. In our society today, using some utensils is very common and therefore, we might often think that it is the limit of one’s dining. However, in Italy, there are decorations that are far more beautiful, some alternatives on our day-to-day materials. Therefore,  using some Italian made products can make your place more interesting.

In designing your living room, an Italian vase can be suitable as it can add some beauty and some ancient element in your house.

It the last part of our article, I would like to discuss the conclusion of our article.

From this point, I hope that you’ve understood well about the importance of art in the inner part of your house. In addition, the relevance or the advantage in using some Italian made products in designing your house.

Personally speaking, I think that Italian ceramics has a deep meaning behind it. it is very mysterious, the design is somewhat complicated, that is why it is a good product in designing your house, as a house is the representation of the people who live there.  A house that is unclean and it plain represents the owner’s personality, as he or she has no sense of beauty, or no sense of being, and the lack of life in his soul.

I hope that this article has given you some information that can be useful in decorating your house. Always remember that the beauty within is more important than the beauty outside. Do not think that your house is beautiful because of its outer appearance, because the outer appearance is not the only thing that counts, for me, the inner part is more important. Despite the size of your house, if its inner part is beautiful then it is considered as a king’s home.

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