Italian arts and the artists

We knew how Italy has contributed much to the world’s art, history, cultural advancement and even exchange. In fact, most of the Italian art collections, major historical venues and museums celebrate and honor those arts. Most of the Italian arts contributed to the enrichment of world’s culture and multicultural diversity.

Italian arts

When you visit Italy, you will have the chance to see the art itself with just the places or sites featuring great architecture and art works. Rome, Venice, Florence, Pisa, Assisi, Naples and Siena offers the locals and tourists of wonderful and captivating art that talks about history too.

Did you know that there are quite numbers of places with major breathtaking beauty and historical and cultural significance in Italy? Yes. You heard that right.


There are  over 95,000 great churches and cathedral. There are 40,000 intriguing beautiful distinct castles and forts. There are at least 30,000 historical residences too. There are 6,000 museums and countless artisan studios.

You might heard before that world-renowned museums are found in Italy too. That’s true. Uffizi Gallery in Florence, Capitoline Museums in Rome and Milan’s Brera Art Gallery offer wide choices of exquisite displays and grand exhibitions of all Italian art created.

Not just that as Italy offers finest music genres. Milan’s La Scala is one of the most famous. Italy is providing wide selection of charming and historical concert halls and cafes found along the historical country. You can definitely experience the music by visiting those places. But, according to some, so long as you’re in the Italian country, you’ll be hearing their art in music almost everyday, too.

Italy has appreciated and understood the connection between one form of art to another. The country’s beautiful sites are the wealth of their nation offering invaluable sights. For all of that reason, Italy will always contribute to the arts and lifestyle of people not just from the same country but globally, too.

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