Italy and More Of Its History In Arts

italyItaly is one of the country who have contributed so much in our daily lives. It has influenced many countries with its arts,culture, history and tradition. What makes me interested with Italy is the fact that it is rich in culture. I am more of a vintage-addict. I love everything with a touch of the past or filled with history or story.

Let’s go back with the History of Italy and its arts.

When Italy was mentioned, people will mean it is the Alps’ entire south peninsula. From 1st to 5th century, Italy was under Rome’s control. It wan then during the times of Romans too that the arts in Italy was refined and properly strengthened. As we all know, there are few Italian artists who left not just their own country but the whole world too, with significant treasures through art. As per other articles, Italy is considered a paradise with valuable arts and places for art aficionados.

Roman Arts In ItalyItaly

Art and politics are closely linked with each other in Roman art. Decorations, frescoes and interiors were very essential than the physical or outside facades. There are three innovations that the Roman art has brought: depiction of history, landscape painting and the art of portraits. These three art-historical contributions were used mostly by emperors to show their glory and fame. Religion, most specifically the Christianity has brought changes with the art in Italy as well as in Europe.

Renaissance Period

italyEven after Roman empire has fallen, arts by Roman still exist up to the Byzantine Empire. It was during this period wherein Michelangelo, Leonardo da vinci, Titian and Raphael have left wonderful arts.

Baroque Legacy

Art was used to strengthened faith and the fight of spreading Protestantism of the church. The Baroque arts were used to show the importance of Catholic Church. Baroque arts were then used as instrument for the propaganda during this time. Gianlorenzon Bernini and Francesco Borromini were the famous artists during this period.

So, that’s it for the history of Italy and its arts. I’ve made it very brief to give you just an overview.

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